YAGCG – Yet Another Google Calendar Gadget

A simple Google Calendar Gadget with some advantages over the official one.

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Here are some of the main pros and cons vs. the best official Google gadget:

  • Con: You must “Edit Settings” and add the ids of all the calendars you want to track. With the official gadget, it automatically grabs all your calendars from gcal
  • Con: To access your private calendars (e.g. your main one), you must stay logged in to gcal. When your login times out, you must pop over to gcal to refresh it before the gadget will display
  • Con: Doesn’t yet have Quick Add (although if there is interest, it will)
  • Pro: It loads much quicker. The official gadget locks up Firefox for 15 seconds or more and spikes your CPU. YAGCG puts the workload on Google’s servers instead (where it should be, of course).
  • Pro: Easy to quickly scroll ahead to future events. The official gadget only shows a day at a time
  • Pro: While you must add the ids of all calendars you want to track, that also means YAGCG has the flexibility to track a subset, or a completely different set, of calendars than what you track at gcal.

Some other notes:

  • “Edit Settings” on the gadget to add your personal calendars and remove the default one
  • The address of your main personal calendar is your google account email address
  • Go to Google Calendar, click “Manage Calendars” and look at the id of each to find any others, and also add those via “Edit Settings”
  • Comment below with any questions, suggestions, bugs, or opinions on the value of this gadget vs. the official one provided by Google, and all the rest.
  • Gadget code hosted at http://code.google.com/p/gcalgadget/
  • [21-12-2007] In “Edit Settings”, you can now add calendars in many formats: the calendar ID directly, or just paste in the XML, iCal, or HTML URL, or even the embedded javascript for the calendar. It will parse out the (name@domain) calendar ID. Note if you have a lot of calendars, you have to stay under 1024 chars total — that means stick to the short calendar ID where possible. (thanks to Rob, Geoff, and Mike for suggesting easier adds)
  • [21-12-2007] A menu added
    • “Today”: Reloads agenda to show today’s events
    • “Full Page”: Loads Google Calendar in a fresh Tab or Page
    • “Help”: Takes you here.
  • [21-12-2007] “Edit Settings” now lets you set the agenda height, so you can show as much or as little of your future events as you like

Comments (48) to “YAGCG – Yet Another Google Calendar Gadget”

  1. [...] So, in the long tradition of naming applications that should never had to come into being but for the failings of those that came before, here is YAGCG – Yet Another Google Calendar Gadget. [...]

  2. Nice!

  3. Great gadget, well done. Took me a while to find the calendar id for different calendars. Perhaps a short note on how to add multiple calendars would help uptake. Would be great to have a quick add.

  4. Great work! I had the same disappointments with the official Google calendar – YAGCG appears to be a solid improvement…thanks for contributing.

    If you’re open to ideas for future enhancements – it would be great if YAGCG inherited the same color scheme used on one’s iGoogle page. (or, if easier, simply allowed users to customize the color).

    Thanks again!

  5. Thanks for adding the height setting. Two new comments: First, clicking on the “Google Calendar” heading should go to the calendar itself, not this page. Perhaps a link here labeled “About” in the settings window. Second, why does it require four lines at the bottom to tell me what timezone I’m using?

    P.S. This comment form doesn’t render properly in Firefox 2.0.11 using Linux.

  6. [...] over to the YAGCG page if you have any other suggestions/comments. [...]

  7. How do you change the time zone?, Also, would it be possible to customize the title line of the gadget, so that you can load several different calendars under different titles?

  8. Calendar is great! ONly problem… I set up the calendar on one computer, and when I went to my other computer it said I don’t have permission to view it. More precisely, “Events from one or more calendars could not be shown here because you do not have the permission to view them.” How do I get permission to view my own calendar?

  9. Hi Anna – you just need to re-login to gcal on that machine. You can do that by clicking “full page” on the gadget. Now, when you refresh igoogle it’ll display all your calendars (until Google times out the embedded calendar again).

    Hi Phil – The time zone is always default right now (no way to set it). Is yours off, or do you have another need to set timezone?

    Thanks for the feedback!

  10. My gadget displays grenwich mean time, not pacific time. The time on my Google Cal is 7am, the gadget shows 3pm.
    Can that be fixed?

  11. can u let us pick which color for each calendar?

    i hate how my colors are mixed up…

  12. For the time zone issue I noticed if you remove your calendars and re-add them it seems to set it back to the timezone associated with the first calendar added…

  13. Andy – Thanks for the tip on the timezones. That’s a good short-term workaround.
    Pat – YAGCG uses Google’s own embedded calendar widget, and they’ve been struggling with timezone issues. You can read more at http://groups.google.com/group/google-calendar-help-publishers/browse_thread/thread/2c54b813e09ec2bf
    I could add the ability for you to say which timezone you’re in as a setting, but I’m not sure that’ll resolve all (or even most) issues until Google takes care of some things on their side. I’ll let you know when that happens.

    Mike – Thanks for the suggestion on colors!

  14. Here is another post from Google explaining the current behavior (which applies to YAGCG). If it looks like this will stay stable, I’ll add a setting to set your timezone (in case the first calendar you add to your list is not in your own).


    Until then, following Andy’s tip should work (make sure your first calendar’s native time zone is your own). Let me know if it doesn’t!

  15. The same as Anna: I set up the calendar on one computer, and when I went to my other computer it said I don’t have permission to view it. More precisely, “Events from one or more calendars could not be shown here because you do not have the permission to view them.” I went to Google calendar, logged in, refreshed iGoogle and the problem was still there. Cooies are enabled and when I return to GCal, i’m still logged in.

  16. Nils (and others) – let me know if you’re still seeing this problem, regardless of whether you’ve refreshed your gcal login or not.

    It could be because the calendar id you added is a valid calendar, but one that you don’t actually have access to … or it could be a problem with YAGCG that I’ve not yet seen. Thanks!

  17. [...] few small features added to YAGCG (Yet Another Google Calendar Gadget) this [...]

  18. Is there any way to change calendar colors? The automatic colors are pretty close in shade so they don’t stand out quite enough to be too helpful. Thanks!

  19. On one computer, I can see the calender. On another computer, I can’t. The calender is one from gCal, I set it up myself, so yes: I can access it :)

  20. … or even if there’s a way to make it have the same colors as the google calendar which IS customizable…

  21. Hi Anna — I’ll look at enabling a color option when you add a calendar. Will probably be just with a #RRGGBB color code (not a nice UI color picker, since Google’s “Edit Setting” can’t handle that).

    Hi Nils — If you’re logged into calendar.google.com on both machines, and cookies are handled the usual way (no private browsing), I can’t think of a reason why it doesn’t work. What is the working/non-working OS and browser? Thanks!

  22. Every time I load iGoogle page, I get the message saying I don’t have permissions. Clicking “refresh permissions” opens my calendar in a new tab – no login necessary, since I have cookies enabled. I get this even if I browse directly from gcal to iGoogle (although the original iGoogle tab does update itself properly with the events from all of my calendars). I’m running Firefox on Windows XP.

  23. It works on: Firefox, Windows XP pro
    Second machine (does not work on): Firefox, Mac OS 10.3.9

  24. Mark and Nils are both having the problem where they click “Refresh Permissions” on the gadget, but for Nils his calendars come up on XP but not Mac, and for Mark they come up, but only until he reloads the iGoogle page.

    This is likely to be something about Google Calendar’s cookies, and when they’re set to expire.

    Is anyone else having permissions problems (esp on any browser other than Firefox (

    If you are having Firefox problems, two things to check: Under Firefox->Preferences->”Privacy” Tab. What is your “Keep Until” setting? And what checkboxes under “Private Data” are set?

    I run on Mac OS 10.4 on my main dev laptop. I have “Keep until I close Firefox” set under cookies, and no private data checked. No problems.

    When we figure this out, I’ll either make the gadget do something to fix it (if possible) or document the settings needed.

  25. Privacy-settings on both machines:
    - keep cookies until they expire
    - ask me before cleaning private data

  26. Hi, I’m probably missing something (but not yet very much into the gadgets) and can’t find the (RT)FM. But where is the ‘settings’ option in the gadget? I’ve only got the Agenda-link (on top) and the back to today, refresh permissions and help options. I just wan’t to load my own G-agenda. Thx. Jeroen

  27. Hi Jeroen – Yea, Google has no text, so this isn’t always obvious. “Edit Settings” is in a common location for all Google Gadgets.

    See item #4 in this help page:

  28. Hi Bernie,
    Thanks. That helped :)

  29. I am having the same permissions problem. I tried everything above, and also tried deleting temporary internet files and doing it again, with no luck. I am wondering, do our calendars have to be shared/public in order for your program to have permission to access them?

  30. Okay, I solved the permissions thing. I logged out of google, then logged out of calendars separately. I guess just make sure you are logged out of every google app possible. The I went to internet settings and cleared internet files and cookies (twice, just to make sure), and logged into google calendars before anything else, and the calendar loaded! I also made sure to use my email as the calendar ID since it is the shortest code. I am still wondering why it happens in the first place to some of us and not others though..

  31. Hi Bernie, excellent gadget. I had been frustrated with Google’s gadget because I was unable to see all of my calendars. I’ve gotten them all up and running now with your calendar gadget with no problems. Well done! Add my comment with the others as a vote for being able to modify the color scheme. Thanks bunches.

  32. Bernie, I am having the same issue with the Permissions… I think.

    I was able to see my calendar and agenda on the gadget,but now I get the “No permissions” thing… I don’t want to delete cookies, because I need a bunch of them for other sites… any help would be greatly appreciated…

    Also curious about the Vista sidebar possabilities.


  33. Carmen – I’m glad Angela was able to shake Google back awake by deleting cookies and re-logging in. But I don’t actually know why that would work. :) For starters, try logging in from another computer — if it’s OK, then perhaps you’ll need to do what Angela did.

    Vista Sidebar support — that’s a different type of gadget, so sorry YAGCG won’t work there.

    Google Desktop support — that’s a similar type of gadget, but with some limitations. I’ll do a full post on what is/isn’t possible with this gadget and Google Desktop.

    And, finally, on user-customizable color scheme (Debbie and others) — that’s still at the top of the planned feature list. Thanks for your patience. :)


  34. HI Bernine, thanks for your work… I am Carmen’s husband… I have been able to get the gadget to work sporadically on both of our computer’s but at this point it doesn’t… I’ve tried all sorts of combinations of logging in and out and deleting cookies and temp files… I hope at some point there will be some clear directions to your wonderful gadget

  35. I have continued playing… determined that when I make one of my calendars public, I can then view it in YAGCG…when I turn it back to private I can’t – even though I have allowed my account access to the calendar… maybe a clue…

  36. I too, cannot display my personal google calender events. I get the following message no matter what I try and even if I try xml, ical, html or anything else.

    Events from one or more calendars could not be shown here because you do not have the permission to view them.

    Anything else I can try?

  37. I like this calendar, although I will have to see if I have the same problem between work and home — but for some reason the whole right side of the event reminder box is blank — I can understand if my events are too long, but there is clearly more room to the right for text.
    Anyone else get this?

  38. Thanks just what I was looking for. It even works for the most part with google apps. The only thing that is not working is the refresh premissions link and the google link. They take me to a page that tells me to go to my hosted calendar. Anychane at looking at adding an option to use google APPS versions just the normal google calendar?

    I am also having a premissions issue on another computer. Trying to work that one out from the notes above.


  39. I love this calendar. But is there a way to change the colors of the calendars? I color code all my calendars, and I can’t get the colors to match up.

  40. jwilliamhogan@gmail.com

    I added another calendar and now I can’t see neither one. How do I delete a calendar?

  41. I am able to add my calendar but unable to remove the default one which is very annoying

  42. Hi Phil,

    Thanks for commenting. On many size screens, the checkboxes to remove calendars don’t fit on the screen. But there is a solution.

    If you pull up the gadget’s menu and first select “Maximize this gadget” then pull up the menu again and select “Edit settings” you should now be able to see everything, including the checkboxes to remove old calendars.

    Hope that helps. Thanks!

  43. Thank you for this nice google-calendar!

  44. How do you remove the lunar phases?

  45. Thanks for a simple but useful gadget. Bug report: The edit settings function appears to be a bit hit and miss – once, I was able to delete the default calendars (US holidays not relevant to me!), but most times the delete check-box isn’t visible.

  46. Can add my calendar but won’t let me remove dedfault calendar!

  47. Same as post #36. Frustrating. Is there a fix? I’ve tried everything.

  48. Want to delte this calendar, won’tlet me do anything with it.

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