Top Drupal Modules

Drupal is a great open source CMS. Unfortunately, their primary database of available modules (plugins) is a bear to sift through. Limited tagging. No download numbers. No ratings. They need to use more of their own modules for their module database. Drupal is such a rich ecosystem, you could spend days just sifting through what’s available.

So here’s an alternative. I like what Amazon has done with Unspun. Just “Top X” lists, aggregated from several sources. And once you create a list, they pre-seed the ratings by paying their small army of Amazon Mechanical Turk voluntee.. um, I mean, workers .. to enter and rate. This is a great tool & strategy, by the way, for any startup to get over the hump of an initial critical mass of data.

So here’s the unspun take on the top Drupal modules, starting from a ranking of a few modules I happen to use. It will be interesting to watch it evolve.