Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day (April 22nd), Days Since is going green. Now, when you add a new copy of Days Since Add to Google you’ll get a set of default reminders like days since I “rode my bike instead of driving” or days since I “took a quick shower” (and if you’re like me, quick shower means anything less than 30 minutes).

These are just defaults. You can continue to to use Days Since for all your other good or evil purposes by deleting the items that are just clutter to you, and adding your own. And, remember — it’s totally possible to have several copies of Days Since running on a single iGoogle page. So you can have environmental reminders, separate from household reminders, separate from “breaking habit” tracking (like how many days since i “chewed my fingernails” .. I have to shamefully admit mine hovers near zero).

Thanks to Robin over at Google Spain, who help concoct the list, provided Spanish strings, and who may include Days Since as part of a little upcoming treat …

And if anyone wants to comment with a short list of other earth-preserving “days since” reminders in any other languages, I’ll try to get them in.