Chartpart gets improved axis labels

Chartpart got a few new features today.

  1. Chartpart more correctly handles the automatic axis labeling for horizontal charts.  Previously, the label was slapped down on the bottom axis, regardless of the data orientation — which was just plain wrong.
  2. There is now an “Extra Axis Label” section of the form. Select which side of the chart to label, and enter a comma-separated list of labels with which to label that axis.  One interesting thing about the Google engine is it allows multiple labels per axis.  Future chartpart features may include auto-labeling of the data axis (based on the data ranges), and ability to add an arbitrary number of axis labels (now limited to 2+category axis).
  3. The layout was modified to be more fluid.  This lets additional form fields, etc. fit more easily on the page, and make full use of the window as it is resized. But it also has some ugly aspects. Suggestions welcome.
  4. Added an HTML preview for people who want to cut/paste an img tag directly into an HTML editor, with correct formatting (e.g. ampersands are escaped).
  5. Scatter plots and Venn Diagrams still don’t have any special help or data handling — you still have look at the Google API docs to see how to enter data for those chart types. But then, chartpart helps encode that data and lay out the chart.

Thanks, Jonathan, Jeffrey, and everyone for your suggestions.

The new charpart has received visits from over 1200 people in the last 10 days.  That’s more then the previous Rails-based, no-permalink-to-chart version received in over 12 months.  The time spent updating it has proved worth it.  And, again, there’s no complex server to maintain, so I’m happy.

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