A proof of concept todo gadget

I’m a big fan of David Allen’s Getting Things Done system. I’ve been wanting a todo application that is both simple, always at hand (which for me means iGoogle is a big plus), and which supports GTD’s system of breaking down todos into actionable categories.

This is just an early proof of concept (you can’t even check off/delete todos yet!), but I’d like feedback on the concept. Just crazy? Or crazy like crazy good, and worth completing?

The unmarked box at the bottom lets you add todos. Drag todos to the 4 sides to assign categories. Click on categories to filter the list. Click again to unfilter. Todos are sorted by size and priority.

Obviously pretty UI comes later. And this gadget location or data may disappear. Not suitable yet for real use. Only tested on Firefox so far (no IE, Safari,etc.)

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Thanks for any feedback or thoughts you have.

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