YAGCG: Easy add, settable height

YAGCG got some updates today, responding to some of the feedback you’ve provided on the early version. Thank you!

Add to Google

New features

  • In “Edit Settings”, you can now add calendars in many formats: the calendar ID directly, or just paste in the XML, iCal, or HTML URL, or even the embedded javascript for the calendar. It will parse out the (name@domain) calendar ID. Note if you have a lot of calendars, you have to stay under 2048 chars total — that means stick to the short calendar ID where possible. (thanks to Rob, Geoff, and Mike for suggesting easier adds)
  • A menu added (thanks to Rob and others for suggestions here)
    • “Today”: Reloads agenda to show today’s events
    • “Full Page”: Loads Google Calendar in a fresh Tab or Page
    • “Help”: Takes you here.
  • “Edit Settings” now lets you set the agenda height, so you can show as much or as little of your future events as you like (thanks to Ben, Rob, Allan, and others)

Remaining limitations

  • You must still add calendars individually
  • No quick add for events (yet)
  • YAGCG has a different color for each calendar, but it can’t query the actual colors that google calendar uses — so it can’t match them.
  • Much of the internal formatting details of the agenda aren’t changable
  • IE still has some layout problems that Firefox and other browsers don’t

Head over to the YAGCG page if you have any other suggestions/comments. Thanks!

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