Google’s new Chart Generation API

Google announced a new charting API that is wonderfully simple to work with. Like Joe Gregorio’s sparklines service, it’s simply a URL-based interface that you can use as the source for your HTML image tags — and this makes it wonderfully useful.

I’ve used Joe’s service for things like Feedsparks, where these services do all the heavy lifting, and the glue to pull it all together runs in the browser (Javascript). This lets me can put a useful, functional little widget out there, and know that it will still be working years from now, with no server maintenance on my part (thus making it easier for you to adopt it and know it’ll stick around).

Google’s API, which is even more rich, opens up a ton more possibilities. It definitely eclipses the charting service I launched last year, So now on my list of to-dos is greatly simplifying chartpart to make use of Google’s Chart API rather than generate charts itself. Rather than a Rails app, it can become a simple, single AJAXified HTML page to ease the creation of charts. Nice.

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