Facebook apps getting stuck in approval .. no more

Karma Club got approved for the Facebook Application Directory around noon today .. Just a few hours after Techcrunch posted this article. Karma Club was one of those added to that Facebook bug over the weekend after being stuck in queue for a little over a week. Interesting to watch how the push from techcrunch caused such a quick response.

For Karma Club, so far the usage picture is mixed. Organic growth quickly plateaued after the app was installable. And the active user % is in the single digits.

But there have been some improvements in the UI since the first few days of last week. We’ll see over the next week or two if it gets any traction when compared to the (quickly growing) set of point/karma apps on Facebook. Hopefully people find it a fun and useful alternative to giving each other vampire bites, etc. … :)

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  1. Amazing what a half-million subscriber gorilla can do.

    What’s your publicity strategy for Karma club (other than organics)? Come to think of it, what is the publicity strategy for any facebook app other than publish & pray?

  2. I do think with Facebook, it’s all about organic growth: friend profiles, news feed stories, and the like driving growth. If you don’t have that viral quality, driving growth with PR will be futile.

    With a new app, though, I think you can’t know if it will go viral unless it gets seen — and that means getting it seeded into as wide a range of networks as possible (different geographies, age groups, colleges, etc.)

    Getting it into the Facebook directory was step #1 to make it findable. Getting some reviews (honest, unsolicited, and hopefully positive) is Step #2. Step #3 is blogs and review sites outside of facebook. Step #4 is improving the app from all the feedback from 1-3 … and back through the cycle again.

    So basically, publish and pray isn’t too far from the truth. ;)

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