iGoogle preferences have reliability problems

Just a quick note that lots of other users/widgets have been having problems with iGoogle preference saves not working reliability. Based on emails exchanged with users of my gadgets, many of the problems seem to be specific to certain browsers versions. But the problems have been out there for quite a few months, unresolved. My apologies to users of Days Since or Days Until that experience trouble saving new preferences (since these widgets rely on preferences to store all the reminders and other data). Data that has been there will stick around — it’s new adds that are the problem.

Hopefully Google will recognize and resolve these problems soon. Until then, I’ve had good luck using Firefox (, other than the known iGoogle problem when moving widgets after a preference change.

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  1. Here’s another possible source of preference saving problems. There appears to be a limit in the combined length of all the settings of all widgets across all tabs.


  2. Well, the evidence is mixed on limit across tabs, and no official word from the Google developers.

    But, after looking at some of the HTTP transactions with Firebug, there does seem to be a clear per-gadget limit.

    Here’s more on that, and some workarounds:


  3. I’ve tried to use igoogle on both a Mac with OSX and Firefox or Safari, and a PC with XP and MSIE 6.0, and in all cases get a message about a script is either running slowly or stopped responding. Both hang up the browser. I can’t find anything on the site to explain this. It happened from the first time I tried to use igoogle, so I’m not sure my specific issue is related to preferences and widgets.

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