New Feedsparks Supports Free FeedBurner TotalStats Pro

Feedsparks screenshotYesterday, FeedBurner announced that their previously TotalStats package is now free.

This morning, the Feedsparks widget has gotten support for some of that FeedBurner Pro data, particularly the new “reach” statistic.

Here’s what you need to get it working

  1. Install Feedsparks Add to Google.
    There is an old version (hosted on Google Pages) that has a widget titlebar of “FeedBurner Trends”. Yours should be the newer version (hosted on Google Code), that simply has the title “Feedsparks”
  2. Get Feedsparks working on your feeds — see the Feedsparks page, which describes enabling FeedBurner’s Awareness API or providing a login for your feeds
  3. Enable TotalStats Pro, per yesterday’s FeedBurner annoucement.
  4. In the “Edit Settings” page for the widget on iGoogle, select “reach” instead of “circulation”

You’ll need to give FeedBurner time to collect some days of additional historical data. For example, since I just enabled Pro last night and wrote these updates to Feedsparks this morning, currently has a “reach” of 1 reader. Woo-hoo. :)

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