Feedsparks gains caching and flexibility

Feedsparks, a widget for tracking your FeedBurner subscribers, has gotten some updates and a move to a new, better-hosted location. These improve performance and formatting, especially for embedding in web pages, like what you see on the right sidebar of leancode.com.


New Features:

  • Supports dynamic height resizing (when used on iGoogle)
  • Uses new Google Gadgets image caching features to speed loading of sparklines and icons. This helps take a load off Joe’s awesome sparklines service, which this widget uses.
  • You can now choose a display name that’s different from Feedburner’s id. For example, “Leancodecom,Leancode” grabs the data for the Leancodecom feed from FeedBurner, but displays it in the widget simply as “Leancode”.
  • You can choose how many characters to include in the name, before it gets truncated with an ellipsis ….
  • Code now hosted on Google Code with a MIT License.

You can grab this new version here Add to Google. Eventually, users of the old version will be “aliased” to the new version.

Feedsparks, while not in the same league as dayssince, has gotten good use with 45,000 page views and 25,000 visits from 12,000 or so users in the past month. About 30% of that is from iGoogle, the rest from the widget embedded directly on people’s web pages to publicize their feed subscriber counts. Definitely worth the time to create it — most of the initial coding was done in a 11pm-4am geek session, with probably 30 hours invested in refinement and bloggi .. I mean, documentation, since then.

Current users — please let me know if anything is amiss (or just missed). Everyone’s ideas and feedback are welcome in the comments. Thanks!

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  1. neat use of gadgets! hats off! Let us know if/how we can help.

    architect, Google Gadgets

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