Widgets vs. Gadgets

I’ve been waffling, often referring to Feedsparks or Days Since as “widgets”, even though they’ve been written first to the Google Gadgets platform. I wanted to use the general term, since the intent is to have these ported to as many platforms as possible in time.

But what should the general term be? Well, the world is a bit split:

Google Gadgets
Microsoft Gadgets
Yahoo Widgets
Netvibes Widgets
Pageflakes Flakes

What a mess. And overall usage of the terms across all meanings is similar.

Possibly because I’ve done a lot of stuff in the hardware/driver space, I tend to think of gadgets more as personal electronic devices — more like the Wikipedia definition of Gadget. So I thought “widget” (which has a history of implying “Window Gadget” in X Windows and elsewhere) was a better term. And I’m certainly not going to stoop to writing “widget/gadget” everywhere.

So should we all stick with trying to make the generic term for these things “widget”? Or is “gadget” the better term?

Next time, we present an erudite discussion of “soda” vs. “pop” …

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