Days Since Widget – v17

The Days Since widget just got its first update since Monday. Google caches your copy of the widget, so the changes may take a while to propagate. Most of the changes are as planned from the previous post:

  • Switch to an easier-to-understand calendar day (counters turn over at midnight). The widget previously used a 24-hour day for each reminder. But since hours/mins are not visible, that created a guessing game as to when the counters would turn. Refreshing your page at midnight (plus or minus a few leap seconds since 1970) should show incremented counters.
  • The widget now has smaller icons and text, to get more reminders in the space (closer to a normal 1 line spacing). This is also more calibrated to other widgets (which tend to select small fonts).
  • Get Firefox and IE, at least, to look nearly identical. The main differences affecting this widget are differences in how they render tables, especially with a span inside that has its own padding/margins. Firefox expands the size of the cells to fit, IE needs a little push.
  • Fix pluralization on the screenshot, and author’s email in metadata

Did not make any change to detect “enter” in the reminder textbox. You still have to hit the “add” button.

Please let comment here if you see any problems, or have additional feedback on features, etc. Especially cool would be any interesting and/or funny uses for it. The lifehacker thread has a good one…

Comments (2) to “Days Since Widget – v17”

  1. This is very useful. Would it be difficult for you to make a separate but almost-identical widget that does “Days Until”?
    Some possible uses:
    - days until performance review
    - days until vacation
    - days until mom’s birthday

    There is already one or two “countdown” type widgets, but they only countdown one thing and are not as easy to update, and it would be nice to have one that has a consistent look with Days Since.

  2. Thanks ewerx! I think that countdown type variant of the widget is going to be coming soon …

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