Days Since widget – planned updates

Days Since was written over the weekend, and then had the good fortune to hit lifehacker‘s front page on Tuesday (in one day, it went from near-zero to over 3000 pageviews, and 1000 unique visitors using the widget). But that means there’s some obvious opportunities for refinement. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions!

Here’s what’s planned for an update.

  • The widget currently uses a 24-hour day for each reminder. But since hours/mins are not visible, that creates a guessing game as to when the counters will turn. Switch to an easier-to-understand calendar day (counters turn over at midnight).
  • Shrink the reset button and counter down, to get more reminders in the space (closer to a normal 1 line spacing).
  • Get Firefox and IE, at least, to look nearly identical
  • Fix pluralization on the screenshot.
  • Look at getting “enter” in the reminder textbox to submit the “add” form
  • Fix author’s email, as it currently goes to a black hole — bug or feature? ;)

And I’ve got one call for testing help: Two people reported loosing data when moving the widget.

Because Days Since stores all its data in the widget settings, if you remove it from iGoogle and re-add it, it’s expected to loose any data you have there. But moving the widget on the iGoogle page should be fine (and I’ve and seen no problems in my testing). I’m looking to find out if it’s something expected (like browsers with cookies turned off) or something more insidious (lost data with particular steps or particular browsers). If anyone has used Days Since and lost reminders when you’ve moved it around on the page, please drop a comment with detail on how you got it to happen.

Somewhat separately, as pointed out by SeT over on the lifehacker thread, it also makes sense to have a sister widget with “Days Until”. Basically like Caleb’s existing Countdown widget, but with this codebase — several reminders per widget. Everything needed is there, except fitting calendar date entry into the UI.

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