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Drupal is a great open source CMS. Unfortunately, their primary database of available modules (plugins) is a bear to sift through. Limited tagging. No download numbers. No ratings. They need to use more of their own modules for their module database. Drupal is such a rich ecosystem, you could spend days just sifting through what’s available.

So here’s an alternative. I like what Amazon has done with Unspun. Just “Top X” lists, aggregated from several sources. And once you create a list, they pre-seed the ratings by paying their small army of Amazon Mechanical Turk voluntee.. um, I mean, workers .. to enter and rate. This is a great tool & strategy, by the way, for any startup to get over the hump of an initial critical mass of data.

So here’s the unspun take on the top Drupal modules, starting from a ranking of a few modules I happen to use. It will be interesting to watch it evolve.

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  1. it would be nice to be able to click on a module and have some informations about it

  2. I have added 35+ videos on how to setup Drupal with many of these modules. I haven’t tried all of the modules here, but this list has made me thinking to check out some of these modules. CCK is sure the top one!

  3. kinda interesting and cool.

    I also build a “Top Drupal Modules in Drupal Taiwan” (a blog post ) ^^

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  5. Nice.
    Is there something similar for drupal themes ?

  6. I recently came across a nice Druplet Site ( that provides the ranking of drupal modules based on the number of views/downloads. It also has the search capability which I found very useful when it came to look for additional modules.

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  8. Along with the mentioned, I just found and both of which are useful for different solutions. Being a drupal developer, the later is great for finding stuff because it cuts the crap out of a general google search.

  9. Drupal has a lot of posibilities that is why it is always have a list with the best drupal module that can help us. Always and everywhere the value of CKK is not going down. It is the best.
    I would like to ask also if there a module for statistics can anyone help me?


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