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I’ve noticed quite a few of the backlinks to my postings are in a variety of languages. I speak only English and a little bit of broken German, but one of the wonderful things about the Seattle area is we have lots of people from around the world attracted here by the jobs (Microsoft, Boeing) and the beauty of the place. More than a third of the residents of my adopted hometown of Bellevue, WA were born outside of the US.

It’s a showcase of our American melting pot, and it reminds you how big this planet is.

To try and make this content more approachable outside of the US/CN/UK/AU belt, I’ve added corlosquiles nice, simple translation plugin for wordpress to the sidebar. Machine translation is still rough, ugly, and messy. But it’s getting better, and I’m amazed at what’s possible today.

How useful is this automatic translation to you? (in English, if you want me to really know. :) )

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  1. Hi, i made a translation blog English/ portuguese.

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