OpenIDAuthentication tutorial

DHH’s OpenIDAuthentication plugin for Rails is evolving and progressing quickly. Over the weekend, David updated the plugin to no longer assume an overloaded login form.

Removed open_id? as the idea of using the same input box for both OpenID and username has died — use using_open_id? instead (which checks for the presence of params[:openid_url] by default) [DHH - Revision 6631]

This morning, Ben Curtis put up an excellent, short tutorial on using this plugin on an existing site.

It’s wonderful having the creator of Rails working on OpenID. :) The design of DHH’s plugin is small, simple and clean — it doesn’t rely on a lot of generated code like openid_login_generator and has a much cleaner abstraction on top of ruby-openid, as compared to Eastmedia’s OpenID+Consumer plugin/generator.

The barriers to implementing OpenID for a Rails site are falling quickly.

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