Feedsparks 1.01

Feedsparks is a Google Gadget showing at-a-glance subscription and traffic trends for your FeedBurner feeds.

A previous Feedburner tracking gadget I’d been using on my google homepage stopped working, and I had wanted one with a few more features anyway, including a historical chart — but one that had to be small. Sparklines, which were originated by the father of data visualization, Edward Tufte, would be a perfect tool for a case like this. So that lead to developing this mashup of these various ideas.

Features and Notes

  • First things first: to see your own feed statistics, either turn on the Awareness API in FeedBurner for each of your feeds (preferred), or provide your FeedBurner userid and password to the gadget.
  • Uses compact, expressive sparkline chart for historical trend (showing 30 days by default, but configurable)
  • Shows current day’s number, with green/red arrow showing if it’s up or down from yesterday
  • Easily add an almost unlimited number of feedBurner feeds (FeedBurner’s Awareness API must be turned on from your FeedBurner control panel)
  • Choose to show statistics on FeedBurner’s circulation estimate (default), or feed hits
  • Built on FeedBurner’s Awareness API and Joe Gregorio’s sparklines service which serves over a million hits a week. All other work happens in javascript in the browser, so the Feedsparks gadget should be quite scalable and reliable.
  • In the sparkline graph, the blue dot is the point of highest traffic, red is the low point, and green is the current number

You can add this gadget to your personalized home page –or– add it to any web page.

Note that google’s form in the “add to any web page” link appears to have a problem adding feeds. You’ll have to add them to the generated javascript directly.

Let me know if you have any feedback or feature requests!

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