This week’s pre-beta updates

A few small updates have been deployed this week to chartpart in preparation for calling it “beta”.

  • The API (that is, the URL you construct to generate a chart) has been cleaned up and has no more major breaking changes planned now. Many of these changes were about getting the URLs to be as short and human-readable as possible.
  • Some other rendering, labeling, and default-options handling bugs have been fixed
  • The default chart shows off multiple series and series labels

Any feedback on the site’s look or functionality are very welcome. If you want to be an early adopter — posting charts to a blog, wiki, or whatever that you own — I’d love to flesh out the “examples” page before beta with a link to your work. Please go for it! When any feedback has been incorporated, and chartpart has been deployed to its dedicated server, I’ll post here with the “public beta” announce. Thanks.

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