Chartpart pre-beta updates

Chartpart is not ready for a wide beta — if for no other reason, it’s still on a shared host, limiting it to a few hundred hits/hour. I’m also not ready to lock the API in concrete, and a wide beta sends that slurry mush down its hardening process.
But if you’re curious, a new pre-beta version was deployed this week, cleaning up some of the front-page layout problems among other things.

Changes include

  • Better application of CSS techniques. See my tags for some of the CSS tutorials I used.
  • Better colors & layout that doesn’t jump around as images refresh. You see, I’m terrible at graphic design. It’s time consuming and painful. So, I adopt the best response I can: keeping layout, colors, and the like as minimalistic and simple as possible. Any suggestions for better applying that philosophy to the site?
  • “About” and “Examples” pages — What’s there is just a start, but any particular questions you’d like to see answered there?
  • Chartpart is now using wufoo for the feedback survey (try it out). Wufoo is another example of a nice fremium web service (up to 100 entries/mo free). I’ve found the response time a little slow. It would be nice if wufoo provided some performance assurance, at least for paid accounts.

A future posting will have more on the importance of creating feedback loops, which applies to several aspects of what is being done here.

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