Rails, Textdrive, and Capistrano

The development box for chartpart was down for almost a day earlier in the week. Textdrive (aparently) had trouble with the shared host box on Sunday, and ended up having to take it down, reinstall the OS, etc. My rails app didn’t come back up after their reboot, and I couldn’t kick it back to life. Some of the hazards of shared hosting.

Since doing the original setup a few months ago using Geoff’s nice shovel cap script, a nice official guide to setting up Rails on Textdrive has been written, and things are in different locations, different mechanisms, etc. I ended up having to go through this process for chartpart, and it worked nicely.

I posted some earlier updates to shovel, but it looks like some more are needed if it’s going to reflect textdrive’s recommended config. Anyone done this work already?

This comes as our aplus.net value ($49/mo) dedicated server just came on-line. This is where chartpart will move for its “official” beta (can’t wait for Amazon’s hosting).

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