creating this site with wordpress

I’ve used a bunch of CMS systems over the years: perforce + raw HTML, wikis, zope, sharepoint, textpattern, etc.

But with leancode, I needed to strike a balance where the site had to be great for time-oriented information (blogging, project news) while being functional enough for static pages. WordPress seemed like a good fit, but it required some customization. Here’s what was done:

  1. Followed textdrive’s instructions for installing wordpress
  2. Chose the andreas08 theme from because it combined a navbar based on the sites ‘pages’ with a clean, functional design.
  3. Followed instructions for using a wordpress ‘page’ as the site front page including making blog appear in non-root folder, creating a ‘blog’ page, and changing the permalink definition as described
  4. Installed the static front page plugin for wordpress (again, a wget from within the target directory on the hosting site), created a ‘home’ page for it in the wordpress panel, and activated the plugin so that this home page became the new front for
  5. Went to the theme’s directory (under wp-content/themes/andr*), and edited header.php to remove the extra list element in the navbar for the duplicate ‘home’ entry on the menu
  6. Changed the wordpress page order to reflect the home, blog, about order I wanted.

The result of all this is a wordpress install which is only slightly customized (theme with one tweak, and one plugin), but which otherwise can be managed from the wordpress control panel. And it looks and behaves enough like a website done with a more sophisticated CMS.
Some paths I went down and rejected:

Things that still bother me

  • The URL for the blog is, but the URL for the feed is I would have liked to see clear separation of the blog feed (e.g. from the other content on the site that one might subscribe to

Any suggestions on this or other aspects of the site design are welcome …

Thanks to all the creators of wordpress, andreas for the theme, and all the others involved in the deep stack of open source software who make this stuff work.

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  1. :) wordpress is easy to understand,multilanguage, you can sides without PHP knowledge provide.

  2. Updating this site with wordpress

    Apologies if you got several old postings in your feed reader this morning.
    When Feedsparks was released, this blog was hosted on Textdrive. But, unfortunately, the server there has been up and down a lot through late 2006 and early 2007, and it chose…

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